August 1st(Thu)~August 5th(Mon), 2019
Venue: Hankyu Umeda store
August 7th(Wed)~13th(Teu), 2019
Venue: Takashimaya Osaka store
August 21th(Wed)~September 2nd(Mon), 2019
Venue: Kumamoto Tsuruya Deratment store
August 29th(Wed)~26th(Mon), 2019
Venue: Hankyu Hakata store
September 4th(Wed)~18th(Teu), 2019
Venue: Takashimaya Kyoto store
October 9th(Wed)~22th(Teu), 2019
Venue: Isetan Tachikawa store
October 16th(Wed)~29th(Teu), 2019
Venue: Takashimaya Yokohama store
October 30th(Wed)~November 5th(Teu), 2019
Venue: Takashimaya Shinjyuku store
November 13th(Wed)~19th(Teu), 2019
Venue: Hankyu Senri store


For delicious “rice”, it is unpainted. The breathability of cedar absorbs the moisture of rice moderately, it is delicious with plump gloss even when it is cold, it is difficult for rice to become hard even in winter, and rice is hard to be painful in summer.


BAG & iphone Speaker

Our motto is to make manufacturing feel the hand warmth. The more you use it, you can express your likeness. We add modern nuance that corresponds to lifestyle, and realize “Japanese modern” that can continue using while enjoying care.


BAG & iphone Speaker

We made cedar aroma essential oils independently extracted from chips of lunch boxes and made beeswax and aroma spray. Because it uses only 100% natural material, you can use it in every life scene safely. Please try using the natural effect of cedar in life.


Tsunekichi promotion movie by Italian staff
Promotion movie


The time when trees grew up, the time to live with a wooden box, the time we make for it is only a moment. We are pouring everything in that moment. We think that it is our role to create a wooden box that you can think that you want to continue using it for a long time.


Established in Edo-Bori, Nishi-ku Osaka as the manufacturing industry to make a culinary wooden box such as a wooden box, a large sumo wrestler’s tea room bento(Osaka place) whom the first generation of Meiji era(1868) whispered by the first generation Tsunekichi. By tailoring it into a box Lunch box with rounded workmanship in rectangular cooking wooden box which was the mainstream at the time, it gave a square box of wood a splendid and softness. It caught the eye of an old store, Oguraya Yamamoto, it was adopted as a gift box for salt kelp.

Currently, the fifth generation is working on reprinting and restoring the cooking wooden box, and as the first step, the rice revived as “delicious lunch box” that delicious rice. While inheriting the technique of curving, by utilizing modern machinery technology for the processing of the work, we are enhancing the glamorous appearance created by the first generation, as well as modern nuances that correspond to lifestyle. Furthermore, in order to create a new form of rounded form, we are developing a Japanese modern “Tsunekichi brand” by adding new design sense to the wooden box by collaboration with Creative Director Kawabe Koichi.